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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Officially freakin out!!!!!

Okay so we got our fingerprint clearence in the mail today and I immediatly called WACAP, our social worker said that she had also received these and that she was shocked becasue ours only took like 3 weeks and normally it takes like 2-3 months. SO.....long stroy short we are officially on the waiting list and our number is 4! She said that they have been reffering a lot of children out lately and that we shouldbe ready for a refferal on the low end of the wait times which is like 1-2 months!!!!! So that is the news we have today, we are short one document on the Dossier ( a small oversite on my part) and other than that we are pretty much done with our part and are just now in waiting mode. God bless to all!


  1. OH MY GOSH CANDACE!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! Here you thought you would have little Ruby home this summer and it sounds like it might be early this spring!!!!! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! love,

  2. How exciting Candace! I can not wait to hear about your referral.


  3. Dear Joe, Candace and CREW :)

    How exciting to hear your wonderful news! I would imagine that getting this close the waiting must be even more difficult, so we are praying that soon your new child will be in your arms, and your questions and waiting will be answered.

    Tanya and Eric and our crew :)