Be content with what you have, for God has said "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." So say with confidence, "the Lord is my helper I will not be afraid." Hebrews 13:5-6

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today is the day!

Well I thought that the day that our call would come may never happen, that it was only this dream that I thought about every day, but today that dream came true! We got our call, we know our new baby girl. Let me start at the beginning, I have to paint a picture of how this day was going, forgive me if I am a little scattered as I am almost gaining the feeling back in my legs but my brain is a little farther behind. Well our day actually started off last night around 11pm when Wyatt awoke throwing up, and not just a little bit but like grown up stuff...everywhere! Ahh the joys of parenting. So we cleaned him up but I slept with him on the couch as he continued to throw up most of the night. Needless to say that we were all pretty tired by the time morning time came. And then at 5 am (notice the scattered brain!) the school called to say that school was delayed which for Wyatt meant cancelled but he wasn't going anyways. By the way it was sunny and beautiful by the time 8 am rolled arond which is when school was supposed to start, apparently there was a little bit of snow and they went a little crazy, okay enough of the as the morning went on Wyatt continued to throw up to the point I though I may have to take him in to the doc, he wasnt drinking or eating and just laying around, so about 3 pm Owen remembered that he has went #2 on the potty yesterday and that I had forgot to give him a sucker so of course I gave one to Wyatt which somehow gave him supernatural energy and he wanted to go outside to play, mind you this is a snow day, although it wasthe most beautiful afternoon ever. So there we were outside I am sitting on a chair with the sun on my back (snow day?) watching the kids play and I get a call from Megan my social worker. Here is the conversation:
Megan: Hi is this Candace
me: Yeah whats up (I actually said that) this point I still didn't think that this was the call.
Megan: Hey I got your e-mail and I wanted to call you ( e-mail regarding general questions)
Megan: I wanted to let you know that today is going to be an exceptionally wonderful day for you
Me: heart starts to pound, legs go numb...."shut up!" (again I actually said this)
Megan: we have a little girl for you, lets get Joe on the phone

and from there on we got Joe on the conference call and she gave us all of the info about our new baby girl. She is about 4.5 months right now and is a very small 7 plus pounds. That is about all of the info that I can think of to give that is not confidential. We of course know about her past and have seen the most beuatiful pictures that I have ever seen, even more beuatiful and perfect than I had imagined. We are not at this point able to send out the pic or post it on the blog, there is a lot of legal issues we have to abide with and everything is confidential. But I just wanted to share this wonderful news. We feel truely blessed that God has put this little girl in front of us and we are praying that everything continues to go smoothly.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I sad

I Know it is so sad that this is the topic of this post but it really is all consuming.....potty training! I am very excited to announce that both of my children are now in underwear!!!!!!!!!!! Wyatt is finally ready, and we are very excited, he has been wearing underwear for about 2 weeks now and the accidents are getting less and less as ne learns that the goal is to stay dry. And Owen's latest success is that he when #2 for the first time oon the potty yesterday, this had been a big stumbling block as he has been trained with #1 for a very long time now, so we are making progress. I cant believe that we could have both kids potty trained by the time Ruby comes. I though Wyatt may go to high school in diapers (not really but it seemed like it may never happen) Any was we told Owen that if he went #2 in the potty that we could go back to the place where we had their b-day party and that he could also have ice cream. So last night we took the boys the the play place where they had their party and they had a blast, well it had been like 5 hours since we had talked about the ice cream and I though myabe Owen would forget....forget ice cream I must be crazy! On the way home from the play place at about 8:30 (bedtime is 8:00pm) Owen asked for ice cream and so of course they got to come home and have ice cream (really rice ice cream but they dont know the diff) It was a very exciting day for all of us.