Be content with what you have, for God has said "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." So say with confidence, "the Lord is my helper I will not be afraid." Hebrews 13:5-6

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Doodlebops O YEAH!

So today we we went to the Doodlebop concert at the Puyallup fair and oh my gosh talk about a lame concert! Joe mentioned the fact that of all of the very cool concerts; Casting Crowns, Carrie Underwood, Kid Rock, Sarah Evens, that we were at the DOODLEBOPS! I actually won tickets on SPIRIT 105 a few months ago for the name game, so in case you were wondering NO we did not buy these tickets. The boys on the other hand had the BEST time, Wyatt was SO happy. He danced the entire time, everyone around him thought he was so cute, which of course I cant argue with! Owen also had a good time, albiet a little on the tired side (1:30 show time=no nap) We had a wonderful family day at the fair, we rode on the skytram ($11.00!)which was their 1 ride, and bought no food. Our month of nothing conitues to be fruitful and eye opening and good for our waistlines as well. I am a little amazed at how many times I think oh I will just stop and get something and normally I would have. I am happy to report that not one Starbucks drink, Subway, Indian Food/Thai food has been bought by either Joe or I for 21 days now. We did buy the boys Mcdonalds on our trip to the Oregon coast for a family reunion, which I have to report that $11.00 was all that was spent on food the entire weekend! All of the ladies went to the outlet mall and I went too but left my wallet in the car (that was a hard one). Anyways we are so excited about this we plan to have our next month of nothing after the Holidays in January. I think about our daughter every day. Wondering if she is in her mothers tummy yet. I get excited when I think of her along with us on our family outings or at the dinner table, or in the boys' room when we read them their books at night (or maybe I get snuggle time with her during that time if she is fussy!) I just am getting so excited to meet whoever this little child is that God has in store for us, yeah this is all worth it! And if she wants to see the Doodlebops too then we would gladly go again!

THIS IS THE STAGE! Wyatt Danced the entire time

Okay I had to load this video. We took this of a woman dancing at the concert. It was a little wierd, she was really rocking out, I guess she really likes the doodlbops!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mason family challenge!

This was super cute. My husband loves football and with it starting back up again he is all excited. We were playing with the boys outside tonight when Joe thought that he would teach them a drill: Mason family challenge. He set up a little drill and showed them how to do it and then let them go at it. It was so cute they actually got it. Owen was a little hesitant to knock down the garbage can, but once he did it he wanted to do it over and over again. Oh by the way if you can hear it, that is the Oregon Duck fight song they are huming after they score their "touchdowns!"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

month of nothing going well so far!

Well we are at the end of day 4 of the month and I already am feeling the itch to go and get a coffee or grab a bite to eat (since we have all been sick it would be so much easier to go and get dinner!) But it has also been a bit liberating, to know that the money for this stuff, which we can certainly live without, is going towards bringing our daughter to us. That is pretty awsome! ........................We taught our son to say "nice to meet you" for this last wednesday during our homestudy, and he has been so cute walking around the house say "nice to meet you" even talking to grandma today. One exchange that just made me smile a little "thank you God for my children" smile, was this
Owen: Nice to meet you mom
Me: Nice to meet you too, thank you (we are learning manners)
Owen: You're welcome (yeah he is actually learning!)
Me: Love you buddy
Owen: Love you too mommy
.....then the sweetest part of all was my 4 year old who was standing behind his brother and listening, holding up his "I love you" sign to me. I love you to buddy!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

yep, blog #2!

Okay, so today Joe and I decided that Septmeber is all about being frugal. We have decided to totally eat at home, no fast food stops (even Mcdonalds for the kiddos!) oh....and no coffee! I am a little nervous about that one but we have made a comitment to save like $500.00 for the adoption account this month on top of the $200 we are trying to put away each month. We will keep you posted on how we are doing with our goal.