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Monday, September 1, 2008

yep, blog #2!

Okay, so today Joe and I decided that Septmeber is all about being frugal. We have decided to totally eat at home, no fast food stops (even Mcdonalds for the kiddos!) oh....and no coffee! I am a little nervous about that one but we have made a comitment to save like $500.00 for the adoption account this month on top of the $200 we are trying to put away each month. We will keep you posted on how we are doing with our goal.

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  1. Hi Candace. It was great to meet you yesterday at Natalie's house. So exciting that you joined the blogging world. Hope it wasn't too hard to set up. Here is a great blog. She is doing a thing in September called "Thirty Days of Nothing"-meaning no eating out, clothes, books, extras and very tight grocery budget. Maybe you can find some inspiration there.

    Good Luck,