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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I cant believe I am blogging!

Okay so I think that I am officially a blogger now! Yeah, I am so excited, well it is 11:22pm exactly...just finished getting some things finished in the house for the big day. Wednesday is our 1 st homestudy visit. We are so excited it is actually happening. With each new step in this adoption process it is getting more and more real! Today I had an amazing experience. The Teabo's hosted a party for all of the families in our area who have already adopted from Ethiopia or who are in the process. It was an awsome time! I meet so many wonderful people who I hope see again soon or to atleast catch up with once in a while and see how their journey is going. It is amazing the doors God opens for you and the people that he puts into your life when you are open to the path that he has before you. We feel truely blessed in our life.

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  1. Hello Mason Mama! I am so proud of you too! It was so nice to see you yesterday and feel the connection to al these special families. I would never have had all of you in my back yard if it was not for Ethiopia. How wonderful is that!