Be content with what you have, for God has said "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." So say with confidence, "the Lord is my helper I will not be afraid." Hebrews 13:5-6

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am learning to be a little more resourceful!

So part of cutting back out spending has meant that I have been learning to be a little more rescourceful. At our MOPS table we came up with the term "Macgyver-ology" which to us meant making something out of little or nothing! There are many ways that I want to become more resourceful, like gifting, cooking and meal planning, couponing etc. Because for now we have more or less cut out restaurants (minus the Groupon for Moctezuma's that I couldn't pass up) I have found myself cooking a lot more than I ever have. I have found huge enjoyment in this because it is actually something that I have been wanting to do more of. One of the first recipes I tried was one for our fav Thai meal, Massaman curry. I figured if we were not going to be going out to get this then I was going to make it. Now keep in mind I learned very quickly after seeing what goes in this that it is not extremely low cal/low fat but works best as an once or twice a month thing. I will post that recipe soon when I have more time, but I wanted to share something that I did today that had me beaming with resourcefulness. I noticed that this huge bag of potatoes that I had bought because it was a cheap was now beginning to go bad. In the past I would have thought oh too bad, I am not making anyhting with potatoes right now so I guess it will just end up going bad, thus turning my cheap 20lb bag of potatos into a waste of money. But now being on my quest to become to resourceful decided to google "freezing potatoes". By the way my freezer has become my new best friend lately...more on that later too. So I got to chopping and here are the instruction for freezing potatoes.

Step 1- cut into slices for what you will use. For me I made mostly fries and also small cubes for soup.

Step 2-boil for a very short period of time until they are 1/2 cooked.

Step 3- lay flat on a foil lined baking sheet, single layered and put into freezer.

Step 4- once frozen put in freezer bags for later use!

I have 3 very full cooking sheets in the freezer right now! I am very pleased with myself. Not only did I rescue my potatoes, I saved money and time for when i comes to cooking with them. I think the main thing so far that I learned about resourcefulness is that it can take a litte more time, effort and planning but it is SO worth it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have found my blogs' purpose!

I am so excited to share my blogs' new purpose with all of my friends! Not that the cute pics of my kids and hubby will be eliminated but I have recently felt the tug to start blogging about some decisions that Joe and I have made basically regarding the way that we live. What do I mean by that?.....Well it all started back during this fall (and well really our whole adult lives) that we realized that we were getting increasingly sucked up into idols of this world in SO many ways. We were not being as responsible as we could with our money, our bodies, our family, our time, and so much more. All of these blessings that God was just pouring out on us were not being treasured or sometimes even acklowedged. We were so often being irresponsible with what God had given us, always longing for the "next things," giving in to one indulgence after another, and plain not being the best stewards of the blessed lives we were given. So after a indulgent fall and holiday season our pocket books were thin and my waist was not!..... SO began our January "month of nothing!" So you may ask what is a "month of nothing?" Well basically this is a phrase that we coined back when we were saving money for our adoption. "One" month we decided to save every penny that we could by only buying things that met our basic needs (what a concept huh?) We did not go out to dinner, or starbucks, buy things willy-nilly like new bath mats at target (hey they were on sale) or random items that made us happy for a, it was food, basic toiletries, gas, housing, bills ect. Wow did we save a TON that month. Hmmm you may think that we would have continued this, but no when the month was over we tried to "do good" with our budget, but had no plan and thus did not do very good at all. Now don't get me wrong I am not a shopoholic or a super spender by far but at the same time I left purchasing decisions up to what felt good and what I thought we needed. So come January we realized that things needed to change. Dave Ramsey's words were finally starting to sink in, and so we once again started out "month of nothing" and voila we started saving (a lot!) As we continued this "month of nothing" MON (from now on I will use the acronym after-all we are a military family) I had an epiphany, not only do we need to focus on our budget but we need to take this basic concept and apply it to other areas of our life, especially for for me that applied to my health and my body. I have started a weight loss and workout plan. I began to realize that all of this indulgent behavior can manifest itself in so many ways and so many areas of our lives. I needed to regain control and at the same time trust in God and acknowledge His control in my life. So this is the inspiration for my blog and for our new way of life. I will be using this forum to talk about how we are doing this, obstacles we are facing, tips for doing this and anything else I fill a need to share. At last I wanted to end with a few goals for this upcoming "year of nothing" YON and basically our new way of life:

Goal -1 To give thanks to God for all blessing and turn to him for strength and fulfillment!
Goal -2 To blog about this journey a minimum of once a week
Goal-3 To tithe 10%
Goal-4 To save 20% each month for this entire year
Goal-5 To be at a healthy goal weight by the end of the year
Goal-6 To share from the heart and be very real about this journey.

I leave you with our new family motto stolen from one of the greatest coaches ever (Chip Kelly head coach of the Oregon Ducks) WIN THE DAY!