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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wonderful Chritmas

I have been wanting to post but I havnt had any pics yet and part of me hates posting without a pic but I just wanted to share my wonderful Christmas! Our hearts are full right now with the love of family and time shared together when we were a little nervous that we wouldn't be able to travel. Late on Tuesday we decided if we were going to make it down for Christmas to Salem/Portland than that was our opportunity so we headed out at 5pm and finally made it to Salem at 12:30 at night! It was a rough travel day but our boys were the best travelors any parents could ask for. Christmas was so much fun this year, the boys are at a great age and we just had so much fun watching them open presents. Owen does this very cute hyperventalating thing when he is unwrapping a present and realizes it is something he really wants, I believe that flapping hands and jumping up and down are involved as well. Wyatt was so sweet and was very content with the new books and trains that he got. It was like he would open one thing and then be totally distracted and into it that he didn't really want to unwrap anything else. Owen on the other hand loved the idea of helping brother unwrap! I never knew how fun it was until this year (they just weren't aware enough in past years) to get ready for Christmas for young children, they are in awe of everything like lights and decorations and presents of course! We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas also and that there weren't to many mishaps with the snow and ruining plans. God bless to all!

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