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Monday, October 27, 2008

okay, um....I've been tagged?

I guess I have been tagged by Teabo silly girl! I am a new blogger and I have no idea what this is....but I am going to try!
apparently I have to list 7 random or wierd facts about me, so okay.....
1.) my first car was a 1979, 2-toned yellow Toyota Carolla aka, the banana boat
2.)my husband boils water on the stove to add to my bath if the hot water runs out and I want to stay in longer.
3). I am scared to death in a gondola (sp?) or that ride that goes across the fair, I just know the cable will break on my turn.
4). When I was little I wanted 2 set of twins, their names would be Micheal & Jordan and Mercedes & Ben.
5). I love car games!
6). I like salt on my ice cream
7). My dream home is on a farm with lots of animals, lots of kids and lots of love! A territorial view of the willemette valley would be icing on the cake.
SO, I think that I did this right and now I am supposed to tag 7 people which I think is hilarious because I only know like 5 people who blog, 1 of which blogged me and I's guessing I cant send it back your way so......Cory, Emily, Kelsey and Amy even though I know you have done this before (gulp!) um yep thats about it.


  1. Go to this website: Click on backgrounds (in left column), choose one and follow her directions. Let me know if you have any more questions or you get stuck.


  2. Your silly, see the more I read about people the more quirky things you find....salt on ice cream, really??? :)

  3. WOW, Joe boils water for you, you gotta tell me how you got that to happen, cause WOW, I need that!