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Monday, October 6, 2008

a little update

Wyatt loved the bounce house/slide we could barely get him out! The pic of him to the left is in a filbert tote on the back of Grandpa Tom's tractor. He pulled the boys around in that thing for what seemed like hours!

Yeah.....our buddy barely walked he got the royal treament on Grandpa and daddy's shoulders....did I mention that the walk is like 1/4 of a mile!

Rachel Coleman of Singing times was there it was SO awsome! The boys loved seeing her. They are looking at a real AUTOGRAPH for THEM from Rachel, we couldn't get them to look at the camera! The hot momma's are Joe's sister Kelly and our friends Julie and Kristen, thank you so much for coming to supprt our buddy!

It has been a little while and so I wanted to give the 2 people who may read this blog an update on how our family has been doing lately. Well 2 weeks ago we had our buddy walk. The buddy walk is an event where people come and gather and celebrate their children that have Down syndrome and also to bring awareness and change regarding our children. It is an incredibly fun event for the kids and adults too! This year Rachel Coleman of Singin times came, she held a concert the night before and the boys had a BLAST! They love them some Signing times! The weather was so georgous and it was just really great to see such a large group of people, especially all of our family and friends, gathering for such a great thing and it was fun to see all of our little ones running around. I also must update on the amazing results of our month of nothing which officially ended on Sept 30th but becasue our eyes were opened SO much we have really changed our spending habbits. In the month of Sept we bought nothing that we didn't need, ate no meals out, had no Starbucks that was not bought for us (thank you Tom and Karen who graciously gave us a couple bucks for "road coffee only!) and so because of this we were able to put an AMAZING $1200 in Ruby's account which was very fortunate because we had an $860 sum of money to pay for out immigration (I600A form) and fingerprinting last week. So needless to say we were a little embarassed as to the fact that we had not been having any left over at the end of our months and it left us really wondering where it all has been going? We are planning another month of nothing in January although I believe that we have changed our habits already and are more aware now, but I am sure we will need a resfresher after the holidays! And in terms of the adoption we are finalizing the homestudy right-up that was written by the Social worker and hopefully be completing our Dosier paperwork very soon. We are anticipating being put on the wait list around Late December early Jan.


  1. Candace, $1200! That is amazing! Until we started following a budget when I started staying home, I hate to think where money was just frittered away. Really opens ones eyes. Glad your month was such a success.


  2. So great to visit your blog and see you wonderful family!