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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Red Letters

"The true state of emergency lies within the church-it lies within us. It's our problem. We can't leave Africa's children lying by the side of the road as we pass on by." This was taken from a book that I am currently reading called Red Letter; Living a faith that bleeds written by Tom Davis. This passage has struck me for more than one reason. I was told to read this book by a friend who had also adopted from Ethiopia and it had been sitting on my shelf for almost a year now, finally something inside me (I am thinking God had a little to do with that voice) told me I should start reading it. I can not tell you how greatly this book has impacted me. When we decided to adopt, I will admit it was maybe more for selfish reasons, we wanted a little girl. We knew adoption was a great thing and that there were lots of kids out there who needed homes, but that was the extent of WHY. After reading this book I can honestly say that I believe that God put adoption on our hearts without us really knowing it and he led us to Ethiopia quietly and in an unassuming way. But now that we are about to bring Ruby home, I am humbled by the fact that we are doing one small thing, yet after reading this book my eyes have been opened about the crisis going on in Africa. I cant get the statics out of my mind and the numbers and the stories talked about in this book. He says it many times in his book, Africa is literally going up in flames and soon there many not be an Africa any more if nothing is done. It is just too hard to imagine, too big of a crisis, and we (America) dont seem to be doing a whole lot about it. I am overwhelmed yet realize that there is hope, We have an amazing God and in him all things are possible! But we need to be his hands and feet, we have to do something!

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  1. Hi, My name is Nicole Irwin, I work for Children's HopeChest. I just read over your blog and see you are in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. Congratulations! When do you expect you'll be going there to take her home? Thanks for the great review of Red Letters. So glad it impacted you. Blessings, Nicole