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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fundraiser Plans

With our recent exciting events, many friends and famliy have asked about our fundraising party for Ruby. Well I just wanted to let you know that we are still planning on doing an event. It will most likely be in May down in Salem Oregon either at the Keizer Clearlake UMC or another location probably in that area. We would love to have any handmade (or not handmade) items donated. Please know that we are not asking people to spend a lot of money or time doing this, these things can be very simple like baked goods, or more specialty like jewlery, knitting, painting, card making, or things like that. Also if anyone has any info or special connection to a place or service we are also looking for gift certificates or things like that, ANY help would be SO appreciated!!!! I will have my bows there as well. We are going to have a dinner and maybe music (if anyone had a connection there that would be cool too) Also I wanted to add that I know that not everyone will be able to come to the event because of other commitments or because they live far away, but I am sure there will be crafts left over from the even that I will take pictures of and put on our blog and then you may contact me if you would like any of them. We want to thank everyone in advance, to be very honest it is a little hard to plan this event for ourselves and be the ones asking for donations, but just know that our hearts of full of gratitude for the support that we have recieved in this great adventure. Ruby and our family feel SO blessed to have this large group of friends and family so excited for her arrival. God bless!

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